In the 1950's the future looked like this. What does your future retirement look like?

In the 1950’s the future looked like this. What does your future retirement look like?

The Big Question: How do the April 2015 Changes to Pensions Affect Me?

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The future has a habit of not turning out as we expected. The longer we put off thinking about how much money we will have to live on in retirement, the sooner we will be reaping the consequences of not doing enough now.

A pension is one of the most important purchases of your life. Although we have all sorts of excuses for not thinking about pensions, we eventually have to face up to the inevitable and seek some pension advice. After all, we are going to have to save a large amount from our salary, every month for the rest of our life, to buy peace of mind for the future. The state offers scant financial provision later in life. If you think you could live on just over £100 per week state pension, move on, if not, Pension Questions provides the clear, reliable and independent pension advice, that you need to answer the questions you have about pensions and retirement planning.

The Top Ten Pension Questions are:

  1. How much is the state pension?
  2. How much pension do I need?
  3. What happens if I retire abroad?
  4. Pensions or ISA’s which are best?
  5. Should I cash in my pension?
  6. Are there alternatives to a pension?
  7. What is a SIPP?
  8. What is the average retirement income?
  9. What is the tax relief on pensions worth?
  10. What can I expect from my annuity?

Pension Questions aims to provide all the information you need to do your own research about retirement and pensions, before you commit to the expensive pension schemes that independent financial advisors usually recommend.

At almost every Budget, the government has either raided pension funds for more tax, or tinkered with the pension rules. As a result people have lost faith in pension schemes, and the take up of schemes continues to decline. Pensions are seen as expensive, complex and impenetrable, and people fear that they could save thousands of pounds into a fund, that will not pay out what they were led to expect.

There is a pensions crisis, too many people are saving too little for their retirement, but this cannot be an excuse for us not taking our own action. We used to rely on our employers looking after us in our retirement, but unless you are employed in the public sector where pensions remain generous, it is now up to you to take personal responsibility for investing in your future.

We provide the information about what you need to know about how to save for a retirement, and how to use those saving to invest for your future. We are offering free independent pension advice, because we think it should not be complicated. We look at traditional pensions, we look at the alternatives, and we look at pension tax relief and taxation. We look at the state pension, and how you can ensure that you get what you are entitled to, when you are entitled to it.

Retirement is getting harder, more people will retire with less and more people will have to continue working into their 70’s. Most people spend more time planning their next holiday, than they do planning for retirement. Don’t get caught out, do your research while you have time. You will be retired for a long time, make the best use of it. This time of life really can be one of the happiest periods that you will enjoy.